Outcomes & Deliverables

The aim of the project was to develop a certified diploma in Solar Energy Systems Design.  To ensure that the project reaches a wider audience, various course within the diploma were to be delivered to technicians and professionals.  The three Egyptian Universities participating in this project were Cairo University, Fayoum University and South Valley University.

The activities of the overall project were divided into six work-packages (WPs).  Below is a description of the WPs and how the results from each WP is contributing towards the project’s main objective, which is the development of a certified diploma in Solar Energy.

WP1: Summary of Solar Energy Business and Educational Programmes:  A survey of all the educational programmes and the solar energy businesses was carried out in this WP.  The results from this WP enabled the consortium to design a curriculum that is geared towards Egyptian solar energy businesses.  Based upon the demographic survey that was carried out, the results also enabled the consortium to understand who the potential candidates of this diploma could be.

WP2 and WP3: Preparation of Practical and Lecture Materials: The course outline was designed, which was necessary for the certification process in WP5.  The list of tools required for teaching the diploma was completed and the translation of the Arabic software was done.  Furthermore, intensive training sessions were carried out in Egypt and Europe for the eventual instructors of the diploma.  This result was crucial, since there is a shortage of professors and instructors at the three Egyptian universities in the field of solar energy.

WP4: Dissemination activities: A project website was launched. A green energy society was established. A conference paper was published about the project.  Furthermore, more than 15 press releases and articles were published about the project.

WP5: Tool installation and Diploma Accreditation: Approval has been obtained from the Presidents of the three Egyptian Universities to establish (for the first time in Egypt) dedicated solar energy teaching labs.  Some tools have been purchased and installed at the three different universities (e.g. solar collectors, software, PCs). Furthermore, full accreditation of the diploma has been approved by the committees at the Supreme council of Egyptian universities. The results from this WP enable us to install the necessary tools for the diploma.  It also enabled to achieve the main objective of the project, which is the certification of a diploma in solar energy.

WP6: Project Management: The results in this WP enabled the smooth operation of the project. Progress reports were sent to the consortium. Regular conference calls and meetings were held in Egypt and Europe.  A partnership agreement was drafted to deal with conflicts and misunderstandings between partners.