The joint project will contribute to enhance and modernize Egyptian HE institutes in the area of solar energy systems design. As a core condition for the success of the Lisbon strategy, the purpose of the project is to:

  • Improve education, employment prospects, raise environmental awareness and teach Egyptians how to use of energy efficiently.

  • To bridge the skills gap that exists in Egypt between academia and industry through a compact yet highly integrated curriculum in solar energy systems design. The main diploma programme will focus on the practical and system design training concepts, which will occupy 70% of the course.

  • To train students in the design of decentralized solar energy systems. This could serve as a step towards the liberalization of the energy market in Egypt.

  • To set up and equip four Egyptian educational centers in four partnering universities with the tools necessary for solar energy education.

  • To enlarge the network of solar energy experts throughout Egypt, bringing new experts and members of academia, research, business and governments.

  • To help in slowing down the brain drain of bright Egyptian students to more developed countries.

  • To promote a vocational training programme that addresses the needs of small business and the Egyptian labour market.

  • To promote a vocational training programme that addresses the needs of small business and the Egyptian labour market.

  • To provide students with the opportunity to gain practical experience in the solar energy industry.

  • To raise awareness within the Egyptian society about the necessity of solar energy in order to boost the prosperity of Egypt.

  • To develop and implement a new educational certificate through partnerships with recognized EU institutions.

  • To train technical staff in the installation of solar energy systems through an intensive training course.

  • To provide specialized executive education for professionals interested in enhancing their skills in a particular area.

  • To provide aspiring entrepreneurs the technical staff necessary for starting-up businesses in the field of solar energy systems.

  • To create a cost effective mechanism for widening the dissemination of technical information in Europe to countries with transitional economies such as Egypt.

  • Upon completing the classroom element of the programme, participants will be required to install a solar energy system in an Egyptian community that needs it most. These hands-on installations will give participants the opportunity to experience both the challenges and satisfaction of working directly with local members of the community.