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To appreciate the quality of the consortium's partnership, it is best to illustrate why each partner was chosen in the project. As previously indicated, the aim of the project is to provide a certified teaching programme in designing and installing solar energy systems. The EGNC has initiated the project following the government's ambition to establish a research centre that is devoted to research in the field of solar energy. However, it soon became apparent that a shortage of professionals who are aware of designing and installing solar energy systems existed in both Egyptian academia and industry.  Despite Egypt's governmental efforts in establishing solar energy projects and the market's need for solar energy systems, no certified educational programmes currently exist in this field. 

Thus, a Higher Educational (HE) institute from each geographic section of Egypt was chosen to take part in this project. This decision was made in order to ensure the expansion of the SOLEDA project throughout all of Egypt.  From Lower Egypt, Cairo University was chosen since it is the largest provider of scientific degree programmes in that region. Similarly, Fayoum University was chosen from Middle Egypt, whereas South Valley University was selected from Upper Egypt.

Nevertheless, the success and impact of the project cannot be hinged solely on academic partners, which is why other Egyptian professions and organisations were included in the consortium.  For example, an interfacing organisation between Egypt and the EU was necessary in order to appreciate the business experiences of the EU in the solar energy field. Consequently, the German-Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry was chosen to fill this position. As far as the EU members were concerned, the choice of partners was primarily based on their depth of specialisation as well as their previous experience in establishing renewable energy (RE) projects with developing countries such as Egypt.  In fact, all of the five EU partnering institutes perfectly fit this requirement.