Solar Energy Systems Design Using Advanced Learning Aids SOLEDA


A consortium of European and Egyptian partners plan to set up a network for solar energy education and innovation in Egypt. The EU seed funding will allow the development of a certified technical training Diploma in designing and installing industry-standard, decentralized solar energy systems that can dramatically improve the living conditions of Egyptians. A tailored software tool will also be available in Arabic in order to reach a wider spectrum of Egyptian and Arab students. 

The SOLEDA project aims to develop a certified technical training programme for graduates and technicians in the field of decentralized solar energy systems. The decentralized systems to be taught during the programme will rely on using PV panels for producing small amounts of electricity for powering homes, for pumping water from wells and for desalinating water. Similarly, students will be taught how solar thermal systems can be used for both the generation of domestic hot water and for air conditioning purposes. The overall project will be designed in partnership with EU universities, academies and organizations who will mobilize their educational resources and knowledge for enriching the lives of Egyptian citizens. 

Toward the end of each round of the programme, participants will design and install a small solar-electric or hot water system for a local Egyptian community. These hands-on installations will give participants the opportunity to experience both the challenges and satisfaction of working directly with local members of the community. Thus, at the end of the programme, participants will have the opportunity to understand, design, and install systems that can dramatically improve the living conditions of the local people in Egypt.